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Become a certified lash tech in 2 days and start making $80+ per hour
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We're not just giving you the training. We're here to support you every step of the way. With a focus on your future success – this course is an intense, hands-on program filled with practical knowledge that comes with lifetime support.
All-inclusive eyelash extensions training from the top rated lash academy in Toronto
About course
This course covers all the basic, trendy, and advanced techniques, plus a comprehensive module on how to launch and run a profitable lash business in Toronto and Canada from scratch.
Learn how to make an extra income by creating your own thriving eyelash extensions business
You will learn
Lash extensions basic and advanced techniques
Latest trends and tips
How to start and register a business in Canada
How to find clients
Marketing basics and strategies
A blueprint for reaching six-figure annual income as a beauty entrepreneur
All inclusive
Lash course
Classic + Hybrid + Volume Eyelash extensions training
2 days
Beginners, lash artists
Group training (up to 3 students)
who is this course for
1 day theoretical part online
2 days in-class with hands-on practice
Perfect for both beginners who are ready to become full-time lash technicians, as well as lash artists who need to refresh their knowledge
Our 2-day intensive training where you'll learn all three of the most popular lash extension techniques. We will share all the resources and tools you need to start your lash business. From marketing techniques to payment processing to actually booking clients.
Private training
Promo price $1500
(regularly $1700)
extensions training
group training
with 1 on 1 option available
1 on 1 option available
(regularly $2200)
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small group training
Private training is available on any day of any week. This course type is designed to focus on your needs - one-on-one, two-day training with the thorough guidance of one of our instructors will elevate the knowledge and confidence in your skills to another level. It is completely customizable, from the kit to the schedule and even down to a course outline. On top of all that, you can also pick your own training dates.
private training
Classic + Hybrid + Volume lash extensions training
regularly $1700
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Start time
10 am
Model 1
saturday 1:30 pm
Model 2
sunday 1:30 pm
March 24-25
Sold out
Classic + Hybrid + Volume lash extensions training
regularly $1700
Register for the course
Start time
10 am
Model 1
saturday 1:30 pm
Model 2
sunday 1:30 pm
March 24-25
Sold out
Classic + Hybrid + Volume lash extensions training
regularly $1700
Start time
10 am
Model 1
saturday 1:30 pm
Model 2
sunday 1:30 pm
March 24-25
3/5 spots available
If you are interested in Private Training, please contact us via the form below
Lash Artistry
Module 1
We will share all our knowledge and years of expertise with you to ensure you are equipped with all the knowledge necessary to succeed!
History of Lashes
Lash Biology and Natural Lash Cycles
Multiple Eye Shapes
Weight of lash extensions
Safe extension to natural lash Ratio
Lash Parameters: Curl, Thickness, Length
Different Application Techniques
Application Tools and Accessories
Setup and Maintenance of your Workspace
Disinfection + Sanitization
BODY SAFE requirements
Taping Practices
Isolation Methods
Performing Refills
Safe and Fast Removal
Banana peel method
Absolutely New Lash Allergy Approach: how the client can get rid of an allergic reaction in 1 day!
Irritation Prevention
Business module
Module 2
Each course comes with a comprehensive PDF blueprint on how to open, register and successfully run a PROFITABLE lash business
Aesthetics Fundamentals
Portfolio building
Local Business Regulations
Payment processing
Online Booking
Website Building Platforms
Digital + Traditional marketing
Consent Form for Clients
Social Media & Business Fundamentals
What's in your kit
You will receive a fully stacked professional kit with premium quality products. Our kit is one of the best on the market and has enough supplies for over 100 clients (valued at $500+)
1x Isolation tweezer
1x Classic tweezer
1x Volume tweezer
Lash manequien
Lint-free under eye patches
Gel Remover
Glue cups
Micro brushes
Lint-free applicators
Mascara wands
Surgical tape
Waterproof tape
Lash adhesive
Lash tile
6 16-Lines Eyelash Extension Trays
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Perfection Laboratory is the #1 licensed, accredited, and insured lash and brow training academy in Toronto!
Check out why our courses are rated #1 in GTA
Our team has taken over a hundred different lash extensions courses from industry leaders in Canada and Europe (both online and in-person) and created the most comprehensive program that combines all the cutting-edge techniques in one intense training.
100+ best industry courses combined in one
All our educators are real-time Beauty technicians
Our instructors have undergone rigorous training and performed services on thousands of clients, and now, they're ready to spill all that knowledge into our courses, ensuring you are equipped with all the knowledge to succeed in the real world of the beauty industry.
Practice on 2 real models in class!
While theoretical knowledge is essential, we firmly believe that success comes from practice! That's why you will get to complete lash sets on 2 live models during the course under the instructor's supervision.
Each course is heavily focused on preparing you to work with clients in real life and troubleshoot the most common issues
Our trainings are designed that way so you can acquire practical skills that seamlessly integrate with hands-on experience by practicing with live models during the training. Because at Perfection Laboratory Academy, we don't just teach you dry theory. We immerse you in a learning environment where you can perfect your skills in real-world scenarios. Our courses are your gateway to not just theoretical knowledge but the expertise needed to thrive in the beauty industry.
Getting your own beauty biz off the ground can be a bit overwhelming and intimidating, we get it. But here's the scoop: we're not just here for your training; we're your go-to for any questions that pop up on your journey. We're all about staying connected, so feel free to reach out whenever you need advice on running your business or improving your technique. We provide support after the course vai text, email or WhatsApp.
We provide
lifetime support
We've got your back with a fully stocked kit filled with the top-of-the-line products enough for up to 100 procedures – the same ones we use ourselves! Plus, all our students receive 10% discount for supplies at
You will receive a fully stocked kit + student discount
And as a sweet bonus, we're throwing in a PDF business module. It's your go-to guide on kickstarting your own beauty business, covering everything from business basics to marketing strategies. Plus, get ready for a step-by-step blueprint that'll set you on the path to a six-figure annual income as a flourishing beauty entrepreneur!
Receive a bonus business module
We keep our groups small to ensure that you'll get personalized attention from the instructor, maximizing your learning potential.

Choose us for a transformative learning experience that propels you toward mastery in the world of lash and brow artistry while you build a successful business that leads to financial freedom.
Small group sizes
(2-3 students max)
Remember, you are never alone in this endeavour. Feel free to reach out to us anytime you need guidance, encouragement, or simply want to share your experiences. We are so happy to be part of your journey towards success. Together we can overcome any obstacles that come your way. Stay positive, stay focused, and never hesitate to lean on us for assistance. You've got this!
03. Mentorship
The first step in the process is completing your training. Here you'll learn all the theory and practical skills that you'll apply when you begin working. With a complete kit and unfiltered business advice, you'll have all the tools necessary to create your own business.
01. Training
Showcase your creativity and talent through your portfolio (this can be a social page or website dedicated to lashes). Get some models and take photos and videos of every set you do to build your portfolio. Select your best pieces of work to show off your skills and style. Your portfolio is your digital resume, so make it shine and let your unique voice be heard through your creations.
02. Practice
for whom
Being a lash artist can be an excellent way to make money alongside your studies. You can make three times the income of your classmates, and it's all on your own terms!
9-5 Employees
Beauty Techs
Enjoy the flexibility to work whenever it fits into your busy schedule - because we get that mom life is a juggling act!
Dream of that flexibility and financial freedom? Start small by seeing clients after work or on weekends. Your side hustle can be your path to financial freedom!
Level up your portfolio by adding lash extension services to your menu - one of the hottest services with the highest margins in the beauty industry!
Who are our courses for?
Those Seeking a New Exciting Career
Dive into the world of lash artistry for a thrilling career change. The possibilities are endless, and your financial freedom begins with us!
Being a lash artist is a rewarding career that offers flexibility, creativity, and high earning potential
Average cost of lash extensions in Toronto
per day
Weekly income
(5 days a week)
Annually income
$ 5160
$ 7740
$ 10,320
$ 12,900
$ 15,480
$ 61,920
$ 92,880
$ 123,840
$ 154,800
$ 185,760
Your results
you can make just from products in the starter kit alone(100 clients X $120)
Return on your investment