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Best volume lash extensions in Toronto: dark, yet soft and weightless, long-lasting, and matching your style perfectly.
Volume lash extensions
long lasting
soft and dark
Our skilled lash artists can perfect any volume set, recommend the best style based on your preference, and ensure it compliments your natural beauty. Our volume lash extensions are weightless, look fabulous even weeks after, and are 100% vegan and safe for you.
We have been rated the best lash extensions studio in Toronto for a reason.
You are our 1st priority – we're here to make you look and feel the most beautiful version of yourself while resting in our luxurious memory foam beds and enjoying a foot massage.
We don't do lashes that
look like caterpillars
are too heavy on your natural lashes
feel like plastic
are glued together
About service
Volume lash extensions is an extremely versatile technique.
That allows us to create darker and more voluminous lash lines while ensuring lash extensions are weightless and super soft. Volume eyelashes are fuller than Classic or Hybrid lash exsentions, but less drammatic than Mega Volume lashes.
Our skilled lash artists exclusively utilize finer and softer lash extensions with diameters ranging from 0.07 to 0.03.
Instead of applying a thicker single lash (as in classic application), the lash artist creates a small fan using ultra-thin lashes meticulously attached to every single one of your natural lashes.
Because Volume lash extensions are so lightweight they are the best option for clients with sparse and thin natural lashes.
The beauty
of diversity
no extensions
Cat Eye
Doll Eye
Wet look
L curl
Cat Eye Volume
This technique involves using ultra-fine eyelash extension fibres, formed in "closed fans" (not fanned out like in traditional volume lashes), to achieve a glossy and textured finish that beautifully imitates the appearance of wet and more textured lashes. In the

Volume EYELASH extensions
choose model
choose Type of extention
Session Details
Time it takes
up to 4-5 weeks
are recommended every 2-4 weeks
50$ OFF for your first visit -
Follow our refill recommendations to maintain your lashes the best possible way
Follow our refill recommendations to maintain your lashes the best possible way
note the difference
& after
best fit
Do you think volume might not be the best fit? Check other options:
Lash lift
Classic lash extensions
Hybrid lash extensions
Mega volume lash extensions
After years of unsuccessful searching for the perfect products, we decided to create them ourselves.
Lash Extensions
Through extensive research and development guided by scientists and a clear vision, we have developed our luxury line of lash products that meet every requirement, even for the most demanding lash artists. And the uniquely formulated adhesive by Perfection Laboratory provides the longest retention while avoiding irritation.
Our signature eyelash extensions products are:
Low to no irritation
Any shape, curl, length and thickness
After a thorough consultation with a lash artist and determining the perfect service, style, and length you can relax on a custom memory foam bed. We would offer you a blanket and a foot massager so you can enjoy the full experience.
And after,
Once finished,
We will apply gel pads to protect your bottom lashes and moisturize the skin. Then natural lashes are gently cleaned, and primed for application.
The lash artist will start crafting weightless volume fans one by one and applying them to your natural lashes, ensuring the proper palcement and isolation using a medical grade lash adhesive.
Once finished, we will dry your lashes and provide you with simple aftercare instructions.
The process takes around 2 hours and is completely painless. Moreover, our clients are so comfortable and relaxed that some even fall asleep.
We have a curated ambient playlist or you are welcome to bring your earphones and listen to your favorite podcast or audio book.
We make your Lash Extensions experience serene and blissful
Aftercare for Lash Extensions is simple!
Oil-free makeup remover if you use waterproof makeup is a must!
Use oil-free products on your eye area
Clean your lashes daily with a soft bristle brush (eyeshadow brush works perfectly!) and a foaming lash cleanser.
This prevents the skin oil, bacteria, and makeup from building up on your lash line and will help your lash extensions last longer!
You can get your lashes wet right away! Yes, no need to avoid water.
It's an old myth that has no scientific backup whatsoever that you have to keep your lashes dry for the first 24h/48h/eternity. Glue cures in seconds and water does not affect it once it's cured. Guaranteed! If you have sensitive eyes washing your lashes with a lash cleanser right after the application helps a ton with redness and irritation.
and lash extensions
Avoid oily formulas around your eyes. We recommend refraining from using eyeliner and oily pencils and switching to eyeshadows as it's easier to remove.
Everyone has a different lash cycle and our lashes grow and shed at a different speed. It's normal to lose up to 10 natural lashes per eye per day(all as a part of the natural growth and shedding cycle). That's why we normally recommend coming for refills every 2-3 weeks but you'll have to find the time frame that works best for you! Keep in mind that you have 120+ lashes per eye and it's normal to lose a couple of lashes every day as a part of your natural shedding cycle!
Come back for refills frequently!
Avoid these mistakes
Avoid extreme heat!
And we are not talking about your Caribbean vacation! Be careful around cigarettes, candles, campfires, BBQs, or any other source of open flame or heat! Since lashes are made from PBT(type of plastic) they might melt, singe, or lose the curl. Also, don't point your blow dryer on high heat setting directly onto the lashes - that will not singe them but they might lose the curl from the hot air!
Avoid rubbing or pulling your lashes
Avoid sleeping on your face (hello wrinkles!)
Avoid mascara, strip lashes, and lash curlers.
This might seem kind of obvious but we think we should still warn you! Mascara will clump your lashes together, strip lash glue will be impossible to remove from the lash line without tipping some extensions off and lash curler will simply ruin your lash extensions.
Meet the team of
caring experts
senior lash and brow artist
senior lash and brow artist
senior lash and brow artist, educator
senior lash and brow artist
senior lash and brow artist, educator
senior lash and brow artist
senior lash and brow artist
permanent makeup specialist
founder, master lash and brow artist, permanent makeup specialist
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