Lash line enhancement

or invisible eyeliner
lash line enhancement

Lash line enhancement / Invisible eyeliner tattoo

gives you an illusion of darker, fuller lashes by tatooing an utra-thin black/ dark brown line along the lash line.
Lash line enhancement or invisible eyeliner tattoo is the most natural-looking semi-permanent eyeliner tattoo that makes your lashes look fuller and your eyes more defined.
A soft, ultra-thin black or dark brown line is tattooed in between your lash line giving an illusion of darker lashes.

Lash line enhancement last 1-3 years and requires very minimal touch ups.

How does Lash line enhancement work?
Once you arrive we will discuss your preference and choose the right shade of black or dark brown for your lashline based on your preference and facial features.
lash line procedure
With the digital Permanent Makeup Pen the technician deposits the pigment onto the lash line, which builds layers of color. Topical numbing gel is used.
aftercare and healing
Once the lashline tattoo is completed we send you home with an aftercare kit and instructions. Swelling subsides within the first 24h.
Healing might take anywhere from 7-21 days.
Touch up $125
Finally, when the lash line tattoo is fully healed we recommend coming back for a touch-up ($125) in 4-10 weeks to perfect the final look. Touch-up might be needed to even out the color and make it brighter.

The whole process takes around 2 hours.

Lash line enhancement PROMO
$250 (reg. $450)

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